i'm DACHU, I strives to provide you with clothes that make you feel confident by highlighting your beautiful figure with designs that steer the industry.  My designs are simple while bold.  I stray away from intense patterns.  They are distracting.  The focus should be on YOU because you look and feel great in my design.  I design with some color, but am most drawn to black and brown, my own personal favorites to wear.  

I've just started a Promotional Collection, in addition to my Designer Collection.  Both collections will be made with a high quality standard, the difference between these two collections will solely be that my Designer Collection is made in California, while the Promotional Collection is manufactured over seas.

My mission is that DACHU is designed to be different, quality fit for a queen, and sewn to last.  I am accomplishing this mission by working with high quality fabrics, manufacturing in factories with a strong work history, enhanced stitching for secure seams - in addition to being a responsible producer by considering any options for recycled materials and renewable energy, while maintaining high quality. 

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